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We are here to revolutionise the world of accounting with a focus on empowering women in their financial journeys. Our website offers a fresh perspective, providing personalised services that go beyond crunching numbers. With a dedication to clear communication and a judgment-free environment, we aim to educate and support women in understanding the complexities of taxes, accounts, and more. Scroll below to see how we redefine the accountant-client relationship and can help you achieve financial success.

Where It All Started

The Female Accountant was born out of COVID-19. Prior to this, founder, Emiley Phillips experienced workplace prejudice whilst working in what was a very stereotypical male orientated industry. Through the national lockdowns Emiley noticed how many women had gone on to see success in their own businesses and side hustles. The worry was that these women would go to seek accountancy help and they would not be listened to, laughed at, or turned away, just for being a female director (after all, Emiley had seen it happen firsthand)!

Focus was placed on how Emiley could get involved, to empower, educate and provide financial services for these women, with no judgement held…and this concept gave birth to The Female Accountant; replacing the typical accountant stereotype with a familiar feminine voice to establish a personal connection with her clients.

At The Female Accountant, the aim is to not only take control of business owners’ finances and help tick things off the list, but to educate and help them to understand the meaning behind taxes and accounts (and everything in between!). We keep it clear and jargon-free, making everything digestible and simple.

A modern, fresh approach to accounting is used, where relationships are key – there is more to accounting here than just spreadsheets and crunching numbers! Clients are at the heart of what we do. Let’s get on the same level and work together to allow your accounts to be in line and support you in building your business empire.

What We Offer


The use of cloud accounting software to keep your finances up to date.



Helping you to see the money you must earn or save in a period of time, to meet your goals or requirements. This is a key part of financial control and performance management.

Forecasting Management Accounting

Applying the method of using current and past data to predict future trends.

Financial Accounting

Summarising, analysing and reporting on the financial transactions within your business.


Managing your employees’ payments to ensure your people are paid on time and as entitled.

Construction Industry Scheme

Guiding you on how to handle payments to subcontractors – if you are in the construction industry.


Helping you to prepare and submit any tax return documents in a compliant manner, whilst ensuring all tax related deadlines are met. Most importantly you will be given guidance and a thorough review to check all necessary tax contributions are being followed fairly. This covers Income Tax (Business and Personal), Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax and Value Added Tax.

A bespoke approach is used for each clients’ needs, ensuring you get a tailored, unique experience. Managing your accounts is not an easy job, it can cause stress and take up time. But that is why we are here – to allow you to run your business and let the accounts be done with ease. We guide you on your financial decisions whilst organising all things finance for you allowing your financial goals to be met. Get in touch with us today to relieve yourself from number stress and let us take over your finances.

Partners & Credentials

Over at The Female Accountant, we are experienced, certified and AAT Licensed Accountants.
We work with numerous partners, for your benefit, to help with managing your accounts and ensuring tax submission compliance.

Xero is a wholly cloud based solution, launched in 2006, to help businesses manage their finances in a simple, efficient way. Detail rich dashboards allow all relevant financial information to be seen easily and its 800+ software integration feature smooths all worries on that accord.
Quickbooks is a blended platform using cloud and desktop solutions to compile all business financial information in simplistic, manageable reports. This platform is known as the all-rounder, with trust coming from its efficiency in being compliant to regulations and requirements.
Brightpay is a payroll software that makes managing payroll and all relevant aspects simple. Direct integration is included with accounting software’s and there is automatic enrolment for pension schemes, making everything that little bit more seamless and hassle-free.
Sage is a blended platform using cloud and desktop solutions for invoice creation and tracking, cash flow monitoring, revenue/expense recording and bank feed integration. Access is given to over 165 different types of reports which allows you to gather all the necessary information you seek.

What People Think

The Female Accountant began with a focus on supporting female bosses but has now expanded to offer services to all types of clients!

Whether you are a female boss, a male boss or not even a boss! If you need help with your accounts and finances for your business or in your personal life, get in touch. As they say, no client is too big nor too small.

Our services can be adapted across pretty much any sector too; aesthetics to construction to social media influencer to logistics and transport – we are happy to help and support you in your needs.

A complimentary consultation can be booked to explore options together and for me to gather a full understanding of your sector and where you come from as a potential client.

Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams
Highly recommend The female Accountant! Efficient & professional
Jennifer Wraight
Jennifer Wraight
Emiley is just an amazing accountant! Any questions I have she gives me the answer so I understand, she is so lovely and always just an email away. I’ve not once had to check and see if she’s done something required for hmrc because she’s so on the ball! Im very lucky to have found Emiley and I couldn’t be without her as an accountant! Highly recommend
Amia Clarke
Amia Clarke
Honestly the best accountant I’ve worked with! Couldn’t have asked for better, she’s been so patient with me and my lack of finance knowledge 🤣 explained everything to me while getting it done very quickly! She’s Very knowledgeable with what she does, will definitely be using her again x
From the moment I got in touch with Emiley, she has been a pleasure to deal with, she has been extremely helpful, responsive and friendly. Whenever I had something to ask, it was always responded to promptly, explained super clearly and was never made to feel silly for asking questions big or small, (which is exactly what you need from an accountant). I am incredibly relieved to know that my future finances going forward will be in good hands especially in those who have my best interest at heart, if I could give more than 5 stars I would. Thanks for all your hard work Emiley, I'll be back in touch with you shortly!
jamie fallis
jamie fallis
Emiley had done my accounts for the last 2 years. She’s very professional and polite. Emiley really makes me feel at ease while she’s preparing my tax return. I’d highly recommend her and will be using her again for many years to come
Chelsie Nichols
Chelsie Nichols
Without a doubt the best accountant I’ve ever come across! Emiley makes all your stresses and worries go away, she is so calm, very helpful and makes everything so much simpler to understand, all whilst being so professional throughout. I cannot recommend her enough to people, she goes above & beyond. I’m so grateful to have come across her in my self employment years. If you need a top accountant.. The Female Accountant is the one for you!!
Miss Jacksons
Miss Jacksons
Emiley made our tax return effortless from start to finish. Not only is she knowledgeable, she is efficient! We’re so glad we found her!
Sarah Bryer
Sarah Bryer
I have been aware of Emiley and the business since I started my own biz nearly 2 years ago. Emiley was generous with her time and so helpful. I procrastinate a lot about detail and all the tax stuff. So when it came time for me to file. I knew she would be my lady. I followed her clear instructions and she had my tax return submitted in record time. With advice and watch outs along the way. I would heartily recommend !!

How To Get In Touch

I would love to hear from you to discuss your accounting needs so that I can understand more about what you are looking for and explore how I can help. Let’s get a 30-minute complimentary consultation in the diary! If you have any burning questions too about what I do, or in general about the financial minefield out there, you know where to come.

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